Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My final thoughts

This has been an incredible experience. In more ways than one. As I told Elisabeth, this is the hardest task the library has ever required of me. I didn't think I could do it. But, I did! I'm not sure how much I learned. I feel that I was too busy all summer long. And rushed at the end. I feel like my Thanksgiving turkey. Stuffed with knowledge. I would never want to do this again without a mentor. It was hard to pin anyone down. Because they are all busy too. But, us non-techies cannot do this alone. But I thank the library for the opportunity to stretch myself to the limits.

Downloadable books and Podcasts

Checked out both Overdrive and NetLibrary. Found the steps a little fast. But, it got easier as I went along. Very interesting. Would like to explore this more fully down the road. I would definitely like to add music to my mp3. And, burn cd's. Sherry has offered to help us learn how to burn cd's. Checked out Podcasts on health. Discovered several health commentaries.

Web 2.0 sight

Looked at top web 2.0 sights. Picked the health category. Looked at Medstory. Not that helpful to me. Should check out other sites. No time!

Nature scenes

I really wanted to use Joanne's talking cats. But, since I also love nature and relaxation, I chose this clip. Thanks to Jody for some input at the end. It wasn't as hard as I thought.

Google doc

Just signed up for Google doc. And I like it. Seemed user friendly. Jody says she uses it alot.


Just read all about wikis. And posted a very short comment in the sandbox. Interested in the fact that anyone can edit. That could be kind of a that's good/that's bad scenario.

Peaceful autumn leaves

With help and guidance from Elisabeth, I found a beautiful autumn scene to place on my blog. I would like to try this again. But, would need some help. I think practice makes perfect. Elisabeth reminded me that I not only found the autumn scene. But, I "mashed" it as well.